“Family” isn’t defined only by last names or by blood; it’s defined by commitment and by love. It means showing up when they need it most. It means having each other’s backs. It means choosing to love each other even on those days you struggle to like each other. It means never giving up on each other.

I have worked with this family for three years in a row!! It is such a pleasure to have long term returning clients. This trendy family never fails to impress with their attire and easy going attitude. Xela and fam, you guys really are wonderful to have as clients!


Fall mini session are so exciting! Everyone is in the holiday spirit looking for a perfect picture to share with their loved ones to showcase their love for each other. It is all about love and growing families. && That LIGHT this time of the year the sun is much closer to the horizon so that warm light is more easily accessible. I hope you all enjoy these sneak peaks as much as I did capturing them for you.


I had so much fun with this couple! We started out with an impromptu Engagement session, the couple wasn’t planning on doing it, however I explained to them that it would be a super fun stress free session and a exciting start to the wedding events!!

They were so excited when they got their photos!!

Movinggggggg onto the wedding. It was located at Southwinds Church in Tracy. The couple had about 100 people in attendance. The theme … literature, which was totally fitting for the smart and timeless vibe the couple gave off.


As most of you know I am obbsessedd with documenting my children’s lives. What makes it so exciting is that I don’t have to “set a time” or work with a schedule, I just follow them around and capture them in the moment. (Something I am trying to figure out how to offer to clients, suggestions welcome.)

This “session” was my kids playing at their grandma’s house while I was waiting for another client. I knew there were some tomatoes that needed to be harvest, and that is something special they do with their grandma while they are there, soooooo they went and did their thing, and this is what happened!!

DSC_1767When this family originally contacted me they let me in on their big surprise! Not only were they having a baby but they had just found out it was boy! Their family doesn’t live nearby and they wanted a special way to let them know in person!  DSC_1778They were super sweet to work with and Miss Isabella was so corporative! She took direction super well which made this session super successful. Although mom was approximately 5 months here, she wanted to show off her little growing bump! I was quick to respond and we got these gorgeous images.DSC_1779 DSC_1783 DSC_1847